Accommodating your Guests
By Jalen Cobb

You have purchased the ring, the perfect dress, planned your dream wedding, but now you’re perplexed on how to accommodate your guests. This is a dilemma a couple faces when housing out-of-town guests. Many couples worry about pleasing their guest’s and making sure they are as comfortable as possible.  Couples may accomplish this by ensuring their guest needs are met without having them stretch their wallets to pay for it. Here are some things couples should consider when booking a hotel or resort:     
-Price and Quality
-Attractions and activities
-Booking information and contract   Be cognitive of hotel rates because guests are invited to enjoy a special moment and don’t want to go in debt for attending a wedding. Make sure that your guests are emotionally and financially happy by researching the hotels and looking for the best rate along with great quality and location, obtaining “the best bang for their buck”. Some of the best hotels are able to provide a nice rate to couples due to the large amount of business the wedding will generate. Working with a hotel’s sales manager may lead to special incentives such as free honeymoon suite or discounted prices for guests.

Ok, now you have an idea of what to look for in a hotel or resort.  Remain aware of your guest’s family needs and if the guests have children attending, then select a location near family friendly attractions. Booking a hotel in a city is always a good idea because the guests may participate in the hustle and bustle of city life. If you want them to stay in a more rural location, pick a hotel with easy access to a nearby city or developed town (airport accessibility). This will provide your guests with an opportunity to participate in planned or unplanned activities. Planning a weekend full of activities allows the guests to become engaged in the celebration with the couple.  

You’re hopefully a bit more knowledgeable about how hotels work and it’s time to book rooms. Knowing what kind of room, how many hotel rooms you need, the quality of the hotel, the amenities, their location and policies can help in making the decision. Expect to sign a guest room contract to hold the block of rooms. We know that it is ultimately the couples’ day and their happiness is important, but accommodating your guests will provide happiness for bride and groom as well as the wedding attendees. The tips provided will help you save time and make you more successful when booking your rooms and planning your wedding.


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