Wedding Color of the year: Ultra Violet!

All jewel tones are big for weddings right now, but ultra violet or purple is taking hold as the biggest. Here are some beautiful ideas to get you inspired for organizing a purple them wedding.

First, choose your shade - or shades - of purple. Go for a deep, royal tone or lighter amethyst. Purple mixes well with blush and pink, and it's great with pops of green.

Introduce it all with a wedding invitation that gives guests a hint at your wedding colors and style, like our Artistic Watercolor or Watercolor invitation.

Purple's so regal! If you're looking for a lighter purple look, choose chiffon or silk for bridesmaid dresses and draping fabric.

Then carry through the jewel look with metallic or silvery glitter. Pearls and beads in shades of purple give a jewel-tone look that has a softer sheen.
Take this inspiration and add your own creativity for a purple wedding that's beautiful and all about you.
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Three tips for a spring wedding!

Okay, we say this about every season, but we really, really, really mean it about spring – it’s the perfect time of year to get married! There are so many symbols of fresh starts and new life and blossoming love everywhere you look.

Ready to plan your spring I dos? Here are some ideas and helpful tips to make it memorable and lovely for you and your guests.

1. Spring flowers
Use lots of them. Lots and lots and lots of them. The flowers of spring can run big and fragrant (lilacs and peonies) to tiny and sweet (lily of the valley and hyacinths). Since they’re in season, mix them in your bouquets and arrangements to create a lush floral atmosphere.

2. Spring colors
Those flowers in season? Consider them your color inspiration! Pastels and light jewel tones are great for spring weddings. Green is also a smart spring wedding color choice, as it shows off colorful flowers beautifully. You can even go with a floral print for the bridesmaids – a different one for each one? – for a unique look and have each carry a bouquet of one variety and color of flowers.

3. Spring weather
You can have perfect weather on your wedding. It could also be quite chilly or raining – or even snowing (in northern states, it’s been known to snow as late as Memorial Day). If you’re having an outdoor wedding, keep guests’ comfort in mind. Provide shawls on the backs of chairs for them to use in case of chilly spring breezes. Use an aisle runner or rent outdoor ground covering so their shoes don’t get muddy. And be sure to reserve an indoor location and inform guests where the wedding will be held in case of inclement weather. Let’s hope you won’t need the alternate location, but it’s better to be safe than have guests shivering outside in the rain.

Now, spring into action and get those spring wedding plans going!

The First Glance: A romantic moment or ceremony spoiler?
By Heather Dornhecker
Going into your wedding day, every bride knows the first time she sees the groom will be an experience of a lifetime. One of the newest wedding trends is a first glance: an intimate moment between a bride and groom that happens before saying their “I dos”. While some couples say it goes against age-old tradition, many are all for it.
A first glance can be done in different ways. Some couples choose to physically see each other so their photographer captures the big reveal closely on film, while others share a hint of intimacy while leaving the element of surprise for the alter. Here are the pros and cons.
The pros: If you see each other for the first time at the end of the aisle, you can’t talk or kiss, you can barely touch and you’ll have somewhere between 5 and 500 people watching your every move (and possibly videotaping it). Setting up a romantic pre-ceremony moment lets you laugh, hug, kiss and cry as much or as little as you want together. You can shake off some of those wedding-day jitters and share your excitement for the moments ahead. Plus, it allows your soon-to-be-husband to show the sensitive side you know and love that he doesn’t want anyone else to see. The one-on-one experience usually makes for some pretty magical pictures and not to mention, your hair and makeup will look fresh and fabulous.
It also helps calm the butterflies. Most people I’ve talked to after their wedding day say that they were nervous and anxious until the moment they saw each other and it all went away. After all, he’s the one person who can calm you down, right? Hearing his gentle words and seeing his smile will make that long stride down the aisle seem a few steps shorter because you already know everything is going to be perfect.
The cons: One of the main issues is that these kinds of first glance photos break one of the oldest and biggest wedding traditions, where the groom is not to see the bride before the ceremony. This tradition dates back to arranged marriages, when people believed that if the groom saw his bride before the ceremony, it would give him a chance to change his mind about the wedding. Seeing one another beforehand is said to bode poorly for the marriage, resulting in many couples considering the superstitious take on the matter.
Additionally, some brides invest a lot of time (and money) in their wedding dresses. They may want to share the big reveal with the other important people in their lives, too. While her walking down the aisle will still be memorable, it doesn’t allow friends and family to be a part of that much-anticipated first moment. When I attend a wedding, the first thing I do when I see the bride is look at the groom. To me, seeing him catch his breath or shed a quick tear captures the sincerity and love the two of them share.
read the full at The Bridal Guide, 40th edtion. 
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Selecting Diamonds and Wedding Rings
Your family may have a reputable jeweler that you know and trust.  If not, ask for referrals from friends, family or business associates before shopping at a jewelry store.

It is still acceptable for the groom to surprise the bride-to-be with an engagement ring. However, it is both correct and wise for the potential groom to consult with his girlfriend before buying the rings.

There are a few guidelines that you should know before selecting diamonds and engagement rings. The quality of a diamond has nothing to do with size or color. There are four categories that determine the quality of a diamond...

Announcing Your Engagement

Wedding Fabrics
Charmeuse: Made of silk, soft and lightweight.
Chiffon: A sheer, silky fabric often used on top of another.
Crepe: A thin, crinkled texture cloth of silk, rayon, or wool
Linen: A warm-weather fabric made of flax. It yields a loose weave that is very cool for summer, but wrinkles easily.

The Veil...

Wedding Planning
Organizational Checklist
The Rehearsal
Comparing Reception Locations
The ceremony is over, let the celebration begin!  Although the reception is your guests’ last event of the day, it is usually what needs to be planned and reserved first among all the other wedding plans. As you begin looking for reception sites, you’ll notice that many couples are reserving reception sites, one, two, and even three years in advance. Therefore, it is never too early to reserve the reception site. 

The options for reception locations are endless. A few of the most popular choices are hotels, clubs, restaurants, halls, parks, gardens, boats, and private homes. Unless you have a definite location in mind, it is wise to shop around to compare prices and accommodations. A notebook, preferably with pockets, is a wise purchase for recording important information about each facility. The notebook will help you later, at home, when you are comparing the locations. Record in the notebook specific prices, rules, regulations, advantages, and guarantees from each reception site. In the notebook, you might also want to record informal information...
Catering Tips
Wedding Music
Wedding Photography
Bridal Consultants
Selecting a Photographer
A wedding album should be replete with photographs capturing the joy of your day and becoming a family treasure.

As you interview photographers and examine their work you will discover that photographers have unique styles. Evaluate the technical quality of the photographs such as color, sharpness and lighting.
We encourage you to ask questions similar to:A. Does the photographer capture the right moment?
B. Do the guests and wedding party have personalities that were captured?
C. Are the settings interesting and unique?

These questions will allow you to understand the photographer’s style and whether it matches with your desired expectations. (click on the link above for the full story.)

Addressing Invitations
Serving Alcohol at Your Wedding
Reception Etiquette
Irish Wedding Customs
Weddings in Shades of Green

Tips for Working Brides
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How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

First Time Passport Instructions

Health & Beauty

Health and Beauty Checklist

Pampering the Groom

Yoga & Marriage
By Cynthia Latimer

If you picked up this magazine, chances are you have already chosen to allow someone into your life, while letting go of part of your old life in order to create a wonderful new one together.

In this way, marriage and yoga are a lot alike. After all, yoga is Sanskrit for “union” or “yoke”. (Sanskrit is an ancient language that is the classical language of India and of Hinduism). And just as we hope to find our best selves come alive in a great marriage, “through yoga it is said that one may gradually be united with something higher, more subtle, more universal, and more profound than we find in everyday consciousness-the pure nature of the self.” (Yoga Mastering the Basics)

Health & Beauty Care for the Bridal Party
A Bride's Beauty Countdown
Wedding Weight Loss
Why Your Health is so Important - And Not Just to You!

Newlywed Wisdom
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Nicole and Kyle - their first glance!

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Fall In Love - Napkin
Beautiful autumn-colored leaves are
displayed on these ooh la color™ napkins.

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