Bridal Consultants
by Gina Gabriel

Since there are so many details when planning a wedding, using the professional services of a wedding consultant can be very helpful. Wedding consultants can be particularly helpful when one is busy with work or an out-of-town wedding is being planned.

First and foremost, wedding consultants save time and money. They will find quality florists, caterers, photographers, musicians and any other services you may need all based on your approval. Wedding consultants will work with your personal tastes and desires to maintain the style of wedding you had in mind, all within your planned budget. Additional advice, ideas and guidance will make your wedding truly original. Basically, with a wedding consultant, your ideas are incorporated into the wedding without personally dealing with all of the hassles that come along with planning a wedding.

Another advantage to using a wedding consultant is that they are able to warn you about bad ideas you may have. The consultant can find another idea that may suit you even better.

Often, well-meaning and excited family members may unknowingly try to push a particular idea that you don’t care for. A wedding consultant can act as a cushion between the bride and her family by reinforcing the bride’s wishes, this way reducing stress.

 Wedding consultants can save the bride’s money when it come to contracting for services because they know the most cost-effective way to plan a wedding while staying within budget. Quality is guaranteed due to past experience with the retailer. There is no guesswork involved with a reputable consultant.

 The wedding consultant’s services can be extended beyond the actual wedding. Many consultants offer help with planning the rehearsal dinner and sometimes even the reception depending on where it takes place.

 Remember to be calm; everything can be accomplished in time for your wedding day but start now by organizing your thoughts and dreams before meeting your planner. Write down what you want, what others have suggested to you, and what you know you don’t want, so that you have a variety of information to choose from in planning your wedding. Your wedding planner may begin with a wedding planning questionnaire and then help you to begin the first 10 steps of wedding planning.

Contracts and schedules
A good wedding planner will help you figure out month-by-month what you need to accomplish, in both planning and finances, so that you won’t be completely overwhelmed in the weeks or days before your wedding and reception. Many of those details won’t be found in the books you have purchased.

Ceremony and reception Choose your wedding style, type of ceremony, location and then let your wedding planner be there for you, to attend to every detail. Years of experience assists wedding consultants so that they know how to make sure that everything proceeds as you have planned. | p. 815-739-9937 | f. 815-754-5261