A Bride's Beauty Countdown
By Holly Bahn, The Bridal Guide

Wedding planning takes time, lots of time. With all of that time and pressure comes added stress and what feels like a never ending to-do list.

There are many ways to enhance your outward beauty for your wedding day. Stay natural and avoid any drastic changes; you will see yourself in those wedding photos for years to come. Follow this six-month time line to relax and become the beautiful bride that you are destined to be.

Six Months to Go:  Begin a hair conditioning regimen and look for a stylist you are comfortable and confident with, if you don’t already have one. Explain the style of your wedding so your stylist can get an idea of different hair styles that will complement it. Also, the evaluation of your skin by a professional can determine the proper treatment and products for your unique skin type. Try body waxing well in advance to see how your skin reacts to the treatment.

Three Months to Go:  Hold an initial consultation with your trusted hair and make-up stylist. Make an appointment for a run-through of your wedding hair style at least one month in advance. Don’t forget to make your wedding day hair appointment. Also, begin having regular facials to ensure you have a beautiful, glowing complexion on your big day. If having a tan is important, try different tanning products to find the one that complements your skin the best. There are numerous tanning beds, tanning sprays and tanning lotions available to choose from.

One Month to Go:  Talk to your dentist about teeth cleaning and whitening options. Bring your veil or headpiece to your hair and make-up trial. Talk with your bridesmaids about hair and make-up styles that will complement each other. Purchase any special wedding beauty supplies and be sure to test them for allergic reactions.

Two Weeks to Go:  Now is the time to receive your final hair trim and color treatment, and avoid anything too drastic! It is also recommended to have your final facial at this time to give any possible breakouts healing time. Have your final gown fitting; your big day is getting closer!

One Week to Go:  Relax from the stress of planning and reward yourself with a massage or aroma-therapy. Confirm your wedding day appointment with your stylists. Body waxing should take place this week to allow skin to recover.

The Day Before:  Get your final manicure and pedicure, and a matching bottle of polish for last-minute touch ups. Compile a beauty kit that contains tissues, mints, a nail file, bobby pins, and other products to touch up your look. Wash your hair the night before because the stylist finds hair easier to work with the next day. Relax! Get some beauty sleep and you will look stunning on your wedding day.

Your Big Day! Allow yourself to have plenty of time to get ready. Meet with your hair and makeup stylists about three hours before the ceremony. Don’t forget to eat and drink plenty of water; you’ll need your energy for this eventful day.

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