Health & Beauty Care for the Bridal Party

We are not suggesting that top body conditioning and fitness can be achieved in just six weeks. It takes months or years of exercising and training. However, the stress and time consumption of wedding planning combined with one’s normally busy schedule can result in a lack of tone as well as general fatigue. Wedding dress fittings are much more pleasant when you know you are staying in shape!

To avoid the pre-bridal spread, a good plan for exercise is a wise idea. This area offers several qualified fitness centers and gyms to join. Asking those in your bridal party if they wish to join a local fitness center together is one sure way to enforce your commitment to fitness. It is always more enjoyable to have a friend with whom to work out.

After nutrition and fitness are taken care of, the final six weeks before the wedding are devoted to the finishing touches that will enable you and those participating in your wedding to look your best. To achieve maximum outward beauty on the day of your wedding, plan a timetable like the one below.

6 Weeks Before Wedding
  • Make appointments for the bride, bridal party or family members and out-of-town guests.
  • Explain to the stylist the style of wedding, such as Victorian, modern, traditional to help in coordinating hair styles.
  • Select colors for make-up and nails.
  • Moderate time in a tanning bed, lotion or spray will give skin a healthy color and glow.

4 Weeks Before Wedding
  • The bride’s hair should be cut, and any color or body wave is suggested at this time.
  • A facial would be beneficial to those who have problem skin. Proper skin care should be practiced year round.
  • Manicures can be relaxing and improve nail growth. Strengtheners can also be applied.

2 Weeks Before Wedding

  • Have hair styled just as it would be the day of the wedding. Bringing your veil or headpiece allows the stylist to style your hair to complement this key part of your wardrobe and you will be able to see how you will look when the headpiece/veil is added. When choosing a hair style, an extreme style or one that differs vastly from your usual look is risky. Photographs will provide unfortunate evidence for years to come of bad hair choices.

1 Week Before Wedding
  • If one wishes to have artificial nails, they should be applied at this time. If the bride has not worn artificial nails before, this allows time to get acclimated. This is the best time for a regular nail wearer to have hers filled as well, to allow time for the cuticles to recover from the process. A subdued color is recommended for the nails; either a natural, pastel pink or peach color may be used. French manicures that enhance the whiteness of the nail tip are very popular and considered classic.

The Day Of The Wedding
  • Take a relaxing bath, or if preferred, a shower.
  • Have your hair styled and nails touched up.
  • One half hour before the wedding, the bride and attendants dress at the church.
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