Pampering the Groom
By Holly Bahn, The Bridal Guide

There are more options than just the usual haircut and shave to prepare a groom for his wedding day. There are a wide variety of services to relax the groom or enhance his appearance without detouring far out of his comfort zone.

Most brides will spend a few hours on their wedding day being groomed and pampered by hairstylists and make-up artists. The groom is usually left to his own devices, which often means a quick shower, shave and a splash of cologne. So gentlemen, it is time you plan ahead and schedule a haircut and trim, gentleman’s manicure, gentleman’s pedicure, facials, massage, and body waxing.

Similar to the bride and bridesmaids, the groom and groomsmen have a timeline when preparing for a well-groomed appearance on the wedding day.

Months in advance:
If he is thinking about a new hairstyle, ask him not to make any drastic changes right before the big day. Have him try out different cuts and styles that tailor to his personality, hair texture and facial features well in advance. He should finalize the hair cut one week before the wedding day.

If you are interested in a healthy glow or tan, you may choose between a tanning salon or over the counter self-tanning lotions. The tanning salons usually offer a choice between a tanning bed which exposes the skin to UV rays, or airbrush chemical tans which apply a uniform mist of the tanning product that reacts with the skin to change to a pleasing color. When using self-tanning lotions, multiple applications over the span of a few weeks or a month are required to develop the desired color tone. Care must be taken when applying as some lotions tend to streak if not put on evenly.

Ten days in advance:
Facials are essential to keep skin smooth, radiant and blemish free. A facial also gives the groom relaxation time. Allow approximately thirty minutes to an hour for a facial. Schedule the facial at least ten days before the wedding day to monitor any reactions or breakouts that may occur after the treatment. The groom’s skin will feel and look fabulous!

Teeth that are not their whitest, whether from smoking, drinking coffee or some other factor, will often show up in the wedding photographs. It is a simple problem to resolve with the wide variety of options for whitening the teeth that exist today. The process can be quick, easy and painless. Teeth whitening products can be purchased at the local drugstore, or for the best results, make an appointment with a dentist for professional whitening.

One day in Advance:
The hands and nails play a very important role in the overall impression of a man’s appearance. Suggest to your groom that he organize a day at a spa and treat his groomsmen to manicures; it would be great opportunity to review his wedding day expectations of his groomsmen while they are all in one location.

The Wedding Day:
On the wedding day, have your groom get a nice, close shave using foam and hot water, which will help to protect the skin from a shaving rash. Or have him schedule an appointment with his barber for a professional shave. If your groom’s style is a beard and/or moustache, it is best to trim facial hair three to five days beforehand to obtain optimal look.

Taking advantage of these simple tips and ideas will help your groom feel special and look as handsome as ever! | p. 815-739-9937 | f. 815-754-5261