Selecting a Photographer

A wedding album should be replete with photographs capturing the joy of your day and becoming a family treasure.

As you interview photographers and examine their work you will discover that photographers have unique styles. Evaluate the technical quality of the photographs such as color, sharpness and lighting.
We encourage you to ask questions similar to:
A. Does the photographer capture the right moment?
B. Do the guests and wedding party have personalities that were captured?
C. Are the settings interesting and unique?
These questions will allow you to understand the photographer’s style and whether it matches with your desired expectations.

Photographers have devised packages for all budgets. By consulting with the photographer, you will discover the number of photographs you receive, their sizes, the minimum order and delivery date. Do not hesitate to ask how much extra photographs cost. You want to make sure that you choose the package that best fits your needs and pocketbook.

Most packages consist of formal portraits of the bridal party along with candid photographs of your guests. If your family has a traditional pose or a special request, make sure your photographer is informed prior to the wedding day. Prior communication with the photographer will insure that special photos won’t be forgotten.

A suggested list of pictures to be taken:
  • Pictures of the bride and groom entering and leaving the church
  • Depending on the setting, formal pictures of the bride and groom’s bridal party are taken before the couple leaves the church for the reception. The bridal party pictures may also be taken as soon as they arrive at the reception.
  • Pictures are taken of the bride and groom alone
  • The couple with the bridesmaids
  • The couple with the entire wedding party
  • The couple with each set of parents plus other members of the immediate families
  • Divorced parents generally do not appear in the same photograph. Each should have a picture taken with the couple separately.
  • Photos of the cake cutting, first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dance and miscellaneous pictures such as the bouquet and garter toss
  • Candid photos are taken during the reception.
Photographing takes time away from the beginning festivities of the reception, but it is the only reasonable time to take the group photos. 

When selecting a photographer try to avoid personality conflicts between the photographer and the bride and groom. This conflict could make a noticeable difference in the mood that is captured in the photos. Your wedding photos may have the best quality the industry can offer, but if there is tension in the relationship between the bride and groom and the photographer, the results of the photographs may have expressions that are unsatisfactory.

Since you only have one chance for your wedding photographs to be taken, contact the best professional photographer you can and book them as early as possible! | p. 815-739-9937 | f. 815-754-5261