Weddings in Shades of Green

Couples are looking for ways to incorporate their values of being earth friendly into their wedding and reception. The ‘Go Green’ ideas consist of recycled materials and earth friendly products. At the same time, you are promoting and exposing your values to your family and friends. You can do this in such a way that you will not inconvenience your wedding guests.

While planning a “green wedding” consider these tips from Corina Beczner, founder of Vibrant Events, San Francisco, and Eco Friendly Weddings, RS of Associated Content to help the bride and groom become more environmentally friendly.

  1. Reduce the material items that make a large impact on the world, for example mining diamonds. Use a diamond heirloom or recycle the gold or platinum from family members’ rings to create a unique and personal design. A family member may donate a ring for the groom to use as the bride’s engagement ring.
  2. Food reduction: we don’t suggest a buffet style of dinner, there is a lot of wasted food. Have a plated or family style meal. Support your local community by serving locally grown organic food.
  3. Reuse items: Renting ensures that things will be reused. No plastic cups or bottles allowed! Ask for the gift of an antique instead of a new item.
  4. Recycle: Recycle everything! Families are already accustomed to recycling in their homes so this should be a given. Set up recycling stations at the reception.
  5. The perfect location for a green wedding is outdoors in a park, backyard, beach or in a garden. To conserve on fuel: centrally locate the wedding by considering where your guests are traveling from. Also, have the wedding and reception in the same location.
  6. Create ambience by using soy or beeswax candles with lead-free wicks.
  7. Instead of wedding reception favors donate money to a local Go Green Charity. Many of the favors that you worked so hard on and put so much thought into are often thrown out. Give seed packets, we all know plants are good for the earth’s environment.
  8. A most common conservative act is to buy recycled wedding invitations. Locally, you may purchase them from
  9. Donate left over flowers and centerpieces to a charity or retirement home.

If you want to become more environmentally friendly at your wedding, investigate the book which excerpts have been taken from: Organic Weddings Balancing Ecology, Style and Tradition by Michelle Kozin. | p. 815-739-9937 | f. 815-754-5261