Wedding Weight Loss
When to Start Losing Weight for your Wedding
By Ray Binkowski, Owner/Trainer FitWorkz,

It is your day, the day you may have thought about since you were a little girl. There will be no hiding when you take your vows. It will be you and your husband. All eyes will be on you. It is only natural that you want to look your very best on your wedding day.

So what do you do?

If you are not having a custom made dress, you can expect at least two fittings, ideally three. It is best to be at or very near your ideal wedding day weight and shape by the time of the first fitting. Joining a gym, following a workout regimen and eating right are obvious ways to accomplish this.

There is one step that should be taken first:  take out your calendar and locate the approximate date of your first dress fitting. You will need to have eight to ten weeks of exercise and eating right before your first dress fitting.
The most dramatic change in your weight and shape will happen during the first two months. It is best to have the first fitting after the majority of weight is lost. Subsequent fittings will ideally require only slight modifications to the dress. The second (and possibly third, depending on the policy of the store where the gown is purchased) scheduled fitting closer to the wedding fine tunes the fit of the dress and ensures you look amazing in your dress. The more time you allow yourself to lose weight before that first fitting, the better you are going to look.

Fitting #1:  6 Weeks Before Your Wedding
Purpose:  Your perfect dress has been received at the store; with the assistance of a sales associate and seamstress, you will try it on for the first time. Adjustments, such as length and fit around the waist & bust, will be marked and pinned.

Fitting #2:  4 Weeks Before your Wedding
Purpose:  Checking the fit of your dress after the alterations from Fitting #1 have been completed.  Any additional minor adjustments will be marked.

Fitting #3:  3 Weeks Before your Wedding
Purpose:  Final chance to see how the dress fits after subsequent alterations, if any. Once you have picked up the dress, try it on and make sure it looks just right.
A glance at the fitting schedule above indicates that one needs to start exercising and eating right 16 to 18 weeks (about 5 months) before the big day.

Specifically, what should you do to lose weight for your wedding?
When it comes to weight loss, nutrition is most important — not a diet, but intelligent nutrition. Get a solid understanding of what portion sizes should be. Forget dieting. Dieting is a short-term plan that leads to long-term disaster. Try to have four to six small, protein-rich meals. Eat at least one piece of fruit per day. Be sure to consume some vegetables and healthy fat each day as well.

Train with weights. Weigh training will not cause big bulky muscles — women lack enough of the key hormone, testosterone, to end up big and bulky. Try three times per week for 40 minutes. If you truly want to lose weight, raise your metabolism by building lean muscle. Regardless of age, building muscle burns calories and raises your metabolism.

Cardio (the use of treadmills, stationary cycling, etc.) is not the magic answer for fat loss. Walk into any gym in the world and look at all the people doing cardio. They will do this for months or years on end and not look any different. In some cases they may even gain some weight… Egads!

Hire a competent trainer. Contact a few trainers. Ask for proof that they are certified and have liability insurance. Get a list of clients and give them a call. Most importantly, there are plenty of great trainers from which to choose out there. Find one that you enjoy working with. | p. 815-739-9937 | f. 815-754-5261