Who Pays for What
By Rosa Lee

So you thought setting the date for your wedding was a difficult task? From choosing the perfect flowers and reception location, to the gifts for attendants and planning your relaxing honeymoon, it is very easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of paying for it all. To help ease your worries about dividing the costs, here is a break-down of the traditional responsibilities of a wedding according to about.com.

The bride pays for:
  • The groom’s wedding ring
  • A wedding gift for the groom
  • Her hair, makeup, beauty treatments
  • Gifts for her bridesmaids
  • Sometimes accommodation for any out-of-town bridesmaids
The groom pays for:
  • The bride’s engagement ring and wedding ring
  • A wedding gift for the bride
  • Gifts for his groomsmen
  • Corsages for the mothers and grandmothers; boutonnières for the men in the wedding party
  • Sometimes accommodation for any out-of-town groomsmen
The bride’s family pays for:
  • Reception costs, including food, music, decorations, rental fees and entertainment
  • Ceremony costs including rental fees, decorations
  • Flowers for ceremony and reception
  • The bride’s wedding dress and accessories
  • Invitations, announcements, programs, and mailing costs
  • Photography
  • Their own attire and travel expenses
The groom’s family pays for:
  • The rehearsal dinner, including food, invitations, decorations and entertainment
  • Their own attire and travel expenses
  • A wedding present
Although these are the traditional breakdown of costs, you don’t necessarily have to adhere to tradition. You can always go the modern route by splitting the whole cost of the wedding into three budgets by dividing the cost with the bride’s family, the groom’s family, and the bride and groom individually.  By taking care of who pays for what ahead of time, it will be one less stress you’ll need to worry about, and before you know it, you’ll be days away from the best day of your life!

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